This past week our team celebrated at the 2018 AIGA Gala in New York City, to honor a lifetime achievement award for our Director Karin Fong. She was recognized with the 2018 AIGA Medal for her groundbreaking work and mastery in the field of visual storytelling as a motion graphics designer and director for more than twenty years at Imaginary Forces.

To celebrate @Dress Code NYC created this short video which premiered at the event:

Our team had an amazing night of celebrating the fun and challenging work we are privileged to do every day. Leading up to event, a few things were released covering Karin’s creative journey, check them out below:

AIGA’s Eye on Design - The First Thing I Ever Designed: the main title for MTV’s Dead Man on Campus

Debbie Millman’s essay on Karin’s Career

Design Observer’s podcast - The Design of Business, The Business of Design w/Karin Fong

Design Observer - Chain Letters: Karin Fong

We will be sharing video from the night and photos soon!