Sonic Sea is a documentary that teaches audiences about the effects of noise pollution on marine life.

The film has 3 nominations in this year’s News and Documentary Emmys: Outstanding Nature Documentary, Outstanding Graphic Design & Art Direction, and Outstanding Music & Sound.
We could not be more excited!

More importantly, Sonic Sea is already making an impact.
Since the film’s release, Sonic Sea has:

  • helped spur the release of NOAA’s long-delayed ocean noise strategy;

  • helped convince the Canadian government to commit to reduce shipping noise in key habitats;

  • been instrumental in General Electric helping to develop an industry consortium to reduce shipping noise;

  • was widely used by grassroots advocates in last year’s successful fight—now renewed during the Trump administration—against seismic blasting off the mid-Atlantic and southeast coasts.
  • Learn more about the film and ocean noise at

    Sonic Sea is available to watch on Vimeo on demand here.