SXSW in Review

One of the the more informative and reassuring panels we got to catch while at SXSW was “What’s Next After Advertising? The Jump to Content.” Otto Bell, Chief Creative Officer of CNN’s Courageous Studio, was joined by Marissa Feinberg, HP Enterprises, and Brad Weinberg, MillerCoors, to discuss how to create meaningful content as traditional advertising is becoming less and less effective.

Otto’s content lessons were:
-Find your story.
Your logo is not your brand. Brands need to find ways to connect so it sticks.

-Make it emotional.
Such messages get encoded into people’s memory. Less about the brand recognition, all about the emotional connection.

-Plan for Spontaneity
Bell shared an example of this with a Volvo ad they did live across several blackout cities during the solar eclipse

Our takeaways:
TV is still an interesting ad space, but the advertising ecosystem is much bigger now.
The next step in measuring the success of connection and emotion, is being able to track the data.

"Content marketing is all the marketing that’s left." - Seth Godin