Director Karin Fong was able to visit her Alma Mater this week to give a presentation to a class of Yale School of Management students. She discussed creative business and her approach to main titles, and although it is only a small portion of what we get to do here at Imaginary Forces, it’s a form of storytelling we are passionate about. Below find a few of the snackable pieces of inspiration that she shared with the class:

  1. When asked, “why title design?” She responded, “big complex ideas and big worlds that need to be communicated quickly...that hook, that thinking, is an incredible tool for designers.”

  2. On the opening to The Cat and the Hat and how to engage an audience, “it’s not always about the newest and best, sometimes you have to “really tap into what [the audience] already know[s], the shared histories.”

  3. For show openings, “sometimes the best sequences don’t explain their metaphors.”

  4. “One of the jobs you need to do for short format is really distill the message and the tone, and remember, you can’t do everything at once.”

  5. When starting a project, think: “for television or for a brand, what can we only do for this story?”

Keep an eye out for the Design of Business, the Business of Design podcast that will be coming out soon from her visit. Michael Bierut and Jessica Helfand interviewed Karin and portions of the class time Q/A will be included in the audio segment!