Izik Roitman joins the forces

Director Izik Roitman is joining our ranks. With many years of experience in building heavy CGI pipelines, Roitman fills a unique space on our director roster. According to Peter Frankfurt, Co-Founder & Executive Creative Director, “as our pipelines evolve over the foreseeable future and as our team continues to operate remotely, adding a savvy creative leader who is looking for new ways to conceptualize work, it’s a great fit.”

Roitman, a native of Tel Aviv, spent his early career in Israel as a Flame artist, quickly progressing to directing, integrating, and dreaming up high-end visual effects. After moving to the States and becoming a Director, Roitman had a tenure at Superfad and Mirada Studios. During that time he was behind many iconic spots: from Katy Perry music videos, Superbowl campaigns, to highly publicized iPhone launches.

"Izik has been a leader in design and animation for over a decade"

Izik is most looking forward to bringing his CG and heavy production background to the creative opportunities” that in his mind exist only at a studio like Imaginary Forces. “So many places have become so specialized, and Imaginary Forces, they are still looking at projects for their creative opportunity, combining that freedom with my background, it’s exciting.” First a freelance director before signing on full time, Roitman has already directed a few things for IF: an effervescent throw for the Pepsi Super Bowl LIV halftime show, a VFX heavy teaser for Apple TV+, and a new anthem for Epix broadcast network. His wide-ranging body of work shares the common DNA of visual intelligence, innovation, elegant movement, and clear meanings expressed – beautifully.