The Forces welcome general manager Tiffani Manabat & creative director Harshit Desai

Helping diverse clients navigate just about anything, is what gets new General Manager and Executive Producer Tiffani Manabat, and Creative Director Harshit Desai, up in the morning. For them, the variable landscapes, creative challenges and client needs at IF, aren’t intimidating but invigorating. Manabat’s background spans everything from live action production to the emergence of episodics as VP of Commercials at Digital Domain, and it’s prepared her to lead IF’s team of analog, digital, and innovative thinkers.

“What I suspected about IF is that it’s greater than the sum of its parts, galvanizing everyone in its orbit. This studio deeply understands our success is contingent on the success of our clients and I am genuinely delighted to be here.” Manabat feels that “IF consistently brings creative fearlessness to the table, with just a touch of healthy naïveté.”

Desai, who moved from Mumbai, India in 2010, heralds from InSync Plus and Digital Kitchen, where he Art Directed the Emmy-nominated title for Netflix’s Narcos. His work which is inspired by a strong sense of nostalgia, and a true respect for the craft will add another unique layer to our creative leadership.

Forging a path into a New Future

Boundary breaking trends are close to both Desai and Manabat’s heart: from the deterioration of distance as business becomes global, to the shift in client relationships – favoring IF’s direct-to-brand approach. In today’s marketplace, clients need all kinds of things… some traditional and some the first of their kind, and the resourceful and nimble vision that Manabat and Desai represent speaks volumes to what we want to accomplish as a company moving forward.