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The Honest Company "Love/Political" Edition

Agency: Supermoon

We teamed up with The Honest Company to create a playful spot that feels true to the present, but whose message stands the test of time. In light of the election season, as CEO Jessica Alba put's it the "Honest election diapers were inspired by all of the little ones out there who were born not to see red or blue, but simply to love.” Lead by Creative Director Karin Fong, the IF team produced a vibrant commercial that embodies the transparency, practicality, and spirited essence of the brand- all while getting some behind the scenes dancing in to get these toddlers movin’!

Director: Karin Fong

Executive Producer: Ben Apley

Head of Production: Tina Starkweather

Producer: Tammy Kohan

Designers: Daveion Thompson, Wes Yang, Dan Meehan, Kathy Liang

Animators: Craig Tozzi, Daveion Thompson

Compositors: Craig Tozzi, Eric Mason

Editor: Keith Roberts

Flame Artist: Eric Mason

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