Black History Month #HistoryReimagined

To honor and celebrate Black History Month, we used #HistoryReimagined to foster a conversation around the impact of Black-influenced design through a then and now lens.

BHM: Fashion Then And Now

Week 1 – Fashion Then and Now
Featuring Designer Willi Smith & Editor Edward Enninful

Fashion design was surely not a bystander in the push for progress. From design pioneers like Willi Smith to renowned directors like Edward Enniful, Black influenced design continues to challenge beauty standards and shifting cultural narratives.


BHM: Fine Arts Then and Now


Week 2 – Fine Arts Then and Now
Featuring Painter Aaron Douglas & Painter Harmonia Rosales

Fine arts as a medium of expression in has been a powerful framework in understanding the Black experience. From the early works of Aaron Douglas to modern day pieces of Harmonia Rosales portrayal of Black femininity, Black artists around the world continue to redefine the landscape of fine arts.


BHM: Activism Then and Now

Week 3 – Activism Then and Now
Featuring Illustrators Dorothy Zellner, Ruth Howard, Lisa Lyons & Illustrator Danielle Coke

Activism through the lens of street art and bold graphics has influenced movements for decades. From murals and posters to iconography and social posts, activists to this day speak truth to power reaching communities around the world.