Breaking Candy and Credits with Ronnie Koff

→ Check out the full Motionographer piece here.

How would you introduce the show to someone watching for the first time? 

It’s a true-crime story based on Candy Montgomery. An 80’s period drama with murder, suspense, humor—all the ingredients in a great series. 

Why were you excited about making these titles?

I was really excited at the chance to create an idea-driven title sequence. Something that used metaphor, humor and symbolism. I also knew we could do something really innovative—animating the actual credits to tell the story of Candy’s collapsing world.

Take us through your process. How long did it take? What techniques did you use? What programs are you using?

It took about six weeks. We used After Effects (with Newton), Photoshop, Illustrator: storyboarding, sketches and boardomatics.