Inspirations and cuts with Lexi Gunvaldson

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Congratulations on the new role as head of editorial at Imaginary Forces! How have your responsibilities changed since the promotion?

Instead of being in charge of just myself I'm now in charge of a whole department. I’m looking forward to fostering an environment where editors feel supported and are given the space to create awesome stuff. 

How much has editing changed since you started? What misconceptions are there about your craft?

9x16. There is so much more just-for-socials editing now. Everything is shorter and faster. I’m genuinely concerned about everyone's diminishing attention spans (mine included). Also with TikTok editing, everyone and their mother knows what a match cut is now. And that editors are hermits that like working alone. Maybe that’s a lot of editors, but my favourite part about the job is how collaborative it is. I would actually love to work in a room with a bunch of editors instead of by myself in a bay.