Curb Your Enthusiasm

Season 11 Teaser for HBO
Try to Curb Your Enthusiasm for the release of Season 11! We created this "2001: A Space Odyssey" - inspired teaser, where the world around us has changed but there will always be one constant that never does: Larry David. 

what we did

We worked with the team at HBO to create this live-action teaser using a combination of CG and the hilarious magic that is Larry David himself. With graphics to complement Larry’s larger-than-life personality, layered with the iconic soundtrack, this made for a teaser that’s pretty, pretty good.

and then...

In a series of mini segments and a full BTS clip, we captured Larry in his element. With laughter filling the room, and an array of tracking dots on Larry’s face, we show viewers the set up, the process and the magic that went into this project for HBO Max.



  • creative director/ director: alan williams
  • producer: renee robson
  • director of photography: pablo berron
  • animator/compositor: henry chang
  • editor: jeremiah shuff
  • flame artist: rod basham
  • photographer bts: jake fritz
  • coordinator: jake kirk
  • executive producer: tiffani manabat, renee robson
  • head of production: ryan burcham