Game of Thrones

Interactive Social Campaign for HBO
Three promos, three houses. Lannister. Stark. Targaryen. This interactive twitter campaign created excitement for the Season 6 premiere of Game of Thrones.


what we did

Our crew used intricately animated matte paintings and immersive sound design to evoke the expansive world of Westeros. The final videos were shared on HBO’s Twitter account where followers could repost and pledge their allegiance to their house banner ahead of the season premiere.



  • creative director: jeremy cox
  • producer: will arnold
  • designers: jeremy cox, lindsey mayer-beug, henry chang
  • additional designs: max strizich, theo daley
  • 2d animators: yeon jin kim, bhakti patel
  • 3d animators: joe pistono, jeremy cox, chris russo
  • compositors: jeremy cox, manu gaulot, joe pistono, jeen lee
  • matte painters: tim matney, erika lee
  • sound design: butter music & sound
  • sound mix: mr. bronx
  • executive producer: jon hassell