Dolby Cinema "Element"

Experience for Dolby Cinemas
We partnered with Dolby Laboratories to create a dynamic campaign to introduce Dolby’s visual technology. Set to a powerful symphony, the scene begins with a spark that triggers a burst of linear graphics to signify the intersection of technology and storytelling at the heart of Dolby’s mission.

what we did

The trailer was color graded to achieve a final product saturated with powerful and balanced imagery. This piece served as the conceptual foundation for many future Dolby campaigns and premiered in Dolby Cinemas nationwide using Dolby Vision technology.



  • creative director: jens mebes

  • producers: chris ahn, jon hassell, michele watkins

  • designers: griffin frazen, tae kim, henry chang, john kim, sekani solomon

  • cg lead: pete hamilton

  • senior vfx artist: trevor kerr

  • cg animators: george smaragdis, jason m. diaz, ryan summers, sekani solomon, meats meier, nate homan, chris vincola, eugene goryachev, yili orana, thomas mcmahon, john kim, chadwick halbritter

  • compositors: tim regan, fred kim, adam yost, gary hebert, trevor kerr, john kim, sekani solomon

  • editor: zach kilroy

  • additional editors: caleb woods, maria diakova, michael radtke

  • writer: ed mun

  • storyboard artist: wes simpkins

  • coordinators: dominick guglielmo, tess sitzmann, nicole zschiesche, cj trahan ii

  • music: echo lab

  • head of production: claudina mercado

  • executive producer: ben apley

  • executive creative director: peter frankfurt