Cineplex Ultra AVX

Trailer for Cineplex
Bigger, better and more ultra than ever, Cineplex came to us with the idea of finding a way to represent different film genres within their AVX logo. In partnership with Zulu for AVX’s brand refresh, we seamlessly transition one scene to the next.

what we did

Putting our creativity to the test, we deconstructed the letter forms while infusing dimension, form, depth, volumetric light and fog into the logo for a fully immersive feel. Challenged by reformatting the sequence across various social media platforms, we designed a trailer that explored a common trope in an ownable way. 


  • creative director: alan williams
  • designers: jake ferguson, charlie proctor, ned piyadarakorn, kathy liang
  • animators: jake ferguson, charlie proctor, ned piyadarakorn, max strizich
  • editor: lexi gunvaldson
  • design intern: hsin ting lin
  • senior producer: renee robson
  • senior production coordinator: jake fritz