Brand Identity for Piaggio Fast Forward
Meet Gita: The versatile, intelligent and slightly magical robot. Pronounced "jee-ta," this sidekick was built to carry your things and move right along beside you.


what we did...

Our task was positioning technology that is also a lifestyle. We partnered with Piaggio Fast Forward to design the Gita website, identity, branded assets, and messaging. This robot may not speak for itself, but our colorful and playful approach speaks volumes.



  • creative director: tosh kodama
  • executive creative director: peter frankfurt
  • designer: nils kock, elizabeth steinberg, kathy liang, jesse kramer,
    juliana arrietty, lindsay leonard, merrill hall, justin mays
  • animators: meng-yang lu, john ballas
  • strategy/copywriter: loren schiller, josh chesler
  • intern: daniel kwon
  • photographer: judd lamphere
  • head of production: franceska bucci
  • producer: kevin shuster
  • coordinator: alex desanto