Google Times Square

Visual system for Google
As part of their campaign for the Android platform, Google erected the largest outdoor display in North America in the heart of Times Square: a screen eight stories tall spanning an entire city block, with thirty additional feet around each corner.


what we did

We created a system that could accommodate products properly on a gargantuan screen: from phones and watches to cars. Working closely with Google New York and Mountain View, we produced twenty-four hours of continuous animated content covering the entire Android catalog.


and then...

The team developed interactive games for the Kinect system, able to be played by passersby on the street. Fifty thousand people walk through Times Square every day. We hope they took notice.



  • creative directors: charles khoury & tosh kodama & miguel lee

  • producers: jessica le, kacie barton

  • art director: jeremy cox

  • designers: chadwick halbritter, yu kito lee, claire kang, hyejung bae, andrew pabon, john kim, sam davidson, steven lee

  • junior designer: wes yang

  • animators: jeremy cox, ryan summers, thomas mcmahan, mark thompson, eric demeusy, ken pelletier, chadwick halbritter, gary hebert, andrew embury, ashley farlow, hunter hardesty, max strizich, henry chang

  • editor: michael radtke

  • flame artist: rod basham

  • copywriter: ed mun

  • coordinators: dominick guglielmo, cj trahan ii

  • associate producer: tammy kohan

  • head of production: claudina mercado

  • executive producers: ben apley, gabriel marquez