IBM Watson

Series at the US Open for Olgilvy
When IBM’s Watson made its premiere on Jeopardy against two of the show’s all-time greats, and won, many wanted to know more about this clever computer. We helped Olgilvy create a series of animated spots detailing the range of Watson’s cognitive abilities for the US Open.

what we did

Showcase a new generation of technology that finds answers in unstructured data. Whimsical animated sequences serve as the background to demonstrate the benefits of machine learning for the medical and scientific fields.



  • creative directors: dan gregoras & ronnie koff

  • producer: jon hassell

  • designers: kim dulaney, lindsey mayer-beug, henry chang

  • animators: david lee, han hu, steven lee, ian brauner, john velazquez, clint chang

  • modelers: dan fine, lee wolland

  • 3d lighting and texturings: jesse holmes, sarah brocket, dan fine

  • compositors: jeremy cox, adam yost, erik rasmussen, matt foglia, dave lobser

  • editor: zach kilroy

  • storyboards: wes simpkins

  • coordinator: tess sitzmann

  • executive producer: gabriel marquez