Esri 'About Us'

Brand Partnership with Esri
While we may differ in opinion, we all share a common ground–literally. Leading in the world’s best geographic information system software, Esri embraces their people-first approach to understanding the world via maps. From mapping DNA to mapping our next move in climate change, there’s much to learn about fostering a more sustainable and equitable environment. We partnered with Esri to update their ‘About Us’ page that explores what they call “The Science of Where” while sharing their global story.

what we did

From concept to completion, we wrote, designed, animated and edited the visual to unpack the vast depths of maps that shape where we live, what we stand for and who we are. We shaped the idea that maps are more than data and statistics but rather a way to communicate clear solutions for larger-than-life problems. Breaking down the complexities of the world to its core, we put viewers in the atmosphere they’re surrounded by daily with 3D animated maps. Showcasing their information system in a digestible way, we call to action for a more optimistic outlook on the future of our planet.




  • creative director: tosh kodama
  • designers: alec iselin, karry lee, ned piyadarakorn, nick woythaler, soyeon kim
  • editor: danielle white
  • writer: josh chesler
  • assistant editor: rachel brewster
  • producer: keith bryant
  • coordinator: jake fritz