National Geographic's Continent 7: Antarctica

Main titles and in-show graphics for National Geographic
The main title and in-show graphics for this exploratory series illustrate the intersection of science and the beauty of the natural world. The geometric aesthetic represents the research that is central to the narrative, while the fluidity of motion compliments the beauty of Antarctica’s vast landscape.


what we did

Scientifically accurate design was a critical storytelling element, so we communicated with the show’s scientists for a better technical understanding of the continent’s various landscapes and the methods used to survey them. Having access to accurate satellite imagery was crucial in making sure topography, distance, and scale were all correct. Our team, like the viewer, came out of this collaboration knowing a lot more about the research happening on Continent 7.



  • creative director: audrey davis

  • producer: will arnold

  • art director: henry chang

  • designers: henry chang, willie russell, max strizich, chris russo

  • animators: henry chang, willie russell, max strizich, chris russo

  • editor: rachel ambelang

  • coordinators: zora schlitz-rouse, krista templeton

  • head of production: aleen kim

  • executive producer: jon hassell