NFL Responsible Betting

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Unbelievable happens all the time! It’s the unexpected plays and dramatic outcomes that make the NFL so exciting to watch. It’s also what makes betting so difficult to predict. With the audience hooked to the screen, we tackled the message about responsible betting with the same excitement you experience in an NFL game—because it’s actually a real play!


what we did

Every second counts in football, and when it comes to betting, luck won’t always be on your side. It’s all about making the right plays. We used Next Gen Stats to recreate an icon play, its unexpected turns shown in Xs and Os with a play by play announcer. Being the team players we are, we wanted to ensure that the fans know the NFL cares. So much so that resources to support their betting behaviors are readily available, now that’s a win!


  • creative director: tosh kodama
  • art director: brandon savoy
  • designers: adam levine, nick trivundza, rob slychuk
  • editor: keith roberts, danielle white
  • animator: soo lee
  • compositor: isaac taracks, alex rupert, christoph gabathuler
  • producer: michael boretz
  • senior producer: tiffani manabat
  • coordinator: aaron carlos
  • intern: meghan spino