The Rook

Main Title for Starz
Set in London, The Rook is a psychological thriller about a woman piecing together her mysterious past after losing her memory. We take a look inside her mind as perceptions are warped in the process of uncovering the truth.


what we did

A kaleidoscope effect of London represents the constant shifting and confusion the show’s main character experiences. Shot footage, found images and CG elements were combined to make the iconic London streets continually fold and unfold.


  • creative director: grant lau
  • producers: keith bryant, renee robson
  • designers: elizabeth steinberg, brad mitchell
  • animator/designer: jesse bafia
  • animators: evan sexton, johnny mabie, anthony serraino
  • editor: keith roberts
  • cinematography/photography: isabell hacker
  • coordinator: alex desanto
  • head of production: aleen kim
  • executive producer: jon hassell
  • executive creative director: peter frankfurt