VS Rules SK-II

An SK-II Film 
SKI-II ‘VS Rules’ follows competitive surfer Mahina Maeda’s journey of learning and redefining beauty standards. Directed by Alan Williams in collaboration with WPP, the film pays homage to Maeda’s rich, cultural upbringing where the beauty of competition fuels her determination for success at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics. 
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what we did.

‘VS Rules’ was an impactful narrative-driven character animation mixed with splashes of cinematic live action. We collaborated on writing the script, shooting the live-action pieces with Mahina Maeda in the water, and the project focused heavily on the authenticity of Japanese culture while maintaining an artistic flare with the animation.

Check out a behind the scenes look on the filming of’VS Rules’ capturing Mahina in her element in Tahiti below.

'VS Rules' BTS

A SK-II Film

'VS Rules' BTS



  • director: alan williams
  • producers: christine hernandez, jon hassell
  • writers: leo savage, alan williams
  • art direction: jake ferguson
  • lead cel animator: jahmad rollins
  • lead animator: henry chang
  • lead design: ella lee
  • character design: henry chang
  • cg lead: jake ferguson
  • cg technical direction: meng-yang lu
  • cg modeling: kent floris
  • animators & compositors: jake ferguson, isaac taracks, kiyoon nam
    henry chang, ned piyadarakorn, john dougherty
  • edited by jeremiah shuff, lexi gunvaldson
  • vfx animation: russ gautier
  • storyboards: tyler gibb
  • title design & illustration: daae kim
  • researcher & translator: sakuya mio
  • portrait of mahina maeda painted by: ikenaga yasunari
  • production coordinator: tucker reese
  • executive producer: jon hassell
  • executive creative director: peter frankfurt