3000 Pictures

Brand Identity for 3000 Pictures
Hollywood wouldn’t be what it is today without the red carpets, blinding lights, spacious stages and culture-defining motion pictures. We partnered with Sony to design a print and motion logo for Sony’s 3000 Pictures that introduces their productions in a more grand and cinematic way than ever before.

what we did

Inspired by Sony’s longstanding history of cinematic pictures, we met traditional with modern in a logo that speaks to both the storyteller and the audience. Scored to a surround-sound welcoming track, we draw viewers to the edge of their seats, anticipating the quality cinema to come. Giving the '3000' an art-deco inspired charm while remaining minimal, we landed on a logo that hints to classic Sony elements while keeping a fresh perspective of the possibility that awaits on the big screen.



  • creative director: tosh kodama
  • designers: alex rinker, pam olecki, oscar bastidas
  • editor/sound desginers: musikvergnuegan, danielle white
  • 3d/animation artist: brandon savoy, james gardner, elizabeth steinberg
  • producer: steve garfinkel
  • coordinator: jake kirk