Emmy-nominated Bosch main title for Amazon Studios
This sequence explores the two sides of every story. The victim and the accused both have their versions of an incident. These intertwining stories, played out across the city of Los Angeles, create a kaleidoscopic, dizzying version of the truth.


what we did

We had the opportunity to film the streets of Los Angeles at night in a helicopter, a sight to behold. Combining that with our drone footage gave us everything we needed to create an editorial puzzle that provided visually stunning transitions and shots.



  • director: grant lau
  • producer: jj gerber

  • designers: kris fortin, wes yang

  • animator: james vogel

  • editors: michael radtke, grant lau

  • assistant editor: chris ziegenhagel

  • flame artist: rod basham

  • coordinators: dominick guglielmo, nicole zschiesche

  • associate producer: tammy kohan

  • head of production: claudina mercado

  • executive producer: ben apley