Netflix Originals

Beams of colored light travel through space and converge to form the logo signifying the diversity of Netflix’s vibrant catalogue. With Hans Zimmer’s original score this opening transports the audience to their next theatrical film experience.


what we did.

Working closely with the Netflix brand team we first developed the theatrical logo. After its successful premiere at the Venice Film Festival in front of Alfonso Cuarón’s “Roma,” the scope of the project expanded to include the platform; resulting in a unified identity preceding all original Netflix content.


and then... 

Netflix’s global brand expression was born. The identity now lives on social, print, and the platform for all originals, and continues in its original form–in theaters around the globe.


  • creative director: michelle dougherty
  • producer: keith bryant
  • cg supervisor: meng-yang lu
  • lead animator: evan sexton
  • animators: christoph gabathuler, lindsay bohn, miro klasinc
  • designers: evan sexton, wes yang, pete mcdonald, peggy oei, arisu kashiwagi
  • design phase producers: tammy kohan, keith bryant
  • design phase associate producer: rachel cohn
  • design phase designers: christoph gabathuler, stephan burle, josh childers
  • design phase animators: adam webber, cassandra krul, eric demeusy, cisco torres
  • design intern: bara kown
  • executive producer: jon hassell
  • head of production: franceska bucci