Genius: Picasso

Marketing Campaign for National Geographic
Season 2 of ‘Genius’ focuses on Pablo Picasso. This award-winning integrated campaign builds a visual language around the artist’s three muses using the tools and medium of his trade.


what we did

After a colorful (and messy) element shoot, we depict Picasso mixing, smearing, and washing his hands with paint, representing how suddenly this artist’s obsessions can change. Genius leaves a mark.



  • creative director: alan williams
  • producer: christine hernandez
  • art director: bryce wymer
  • designers: alan williams, bryce wymer
  • animators: max strizich, irene park, rick kuan
  • compositor: coche gonzales
  • editor: jeremiah shuff
  • copywriter: ed munn
  • dp of talent visuals: kurt iswarienko, kenneth wales
  • dp of element visuals: christian haberkern
  • color: stefan sonnenfeld
  • head of production: aleen kim
  • executive producer: jon hassell