Animated Title Card for CBS

I spy a title card that’ll have you seeing something different every time you watch it!  We created this quick and quirky sequence depicting the goofy, yet spooky show ‘Ghosts’ on CBS. 

what we did.

We strategically placed props as easter eggs to symbolize different traits of the ghostly characters in the show. A cub scout manual, an oil painting on the wall, the medieval helmet, a gin bottle and the classic, flickering of the lights, all animated together for the ultimate spooky aesthetic. With only six seconds on the clock, we layered the sequence with a hauntingly light-hearted tune delivering a modern spin on a British original, you’ll want to watch before it disappears! 


  • creative director: anthony gibbs
  • head of production: ryan burcham
  • producer: keith bryant
  • designer: isabell hacker
  • animators: faraz abasi, james gardner
  • compositor: faraz abasi
  • coordinators: jake kirk, jackson kerr