Person of Interest

Main Title for CBS - No crime goes unnoticed by “The Machine,” an all seeing computer built to prevent terrorism in the wake of 9/11. Its billionaire creator enlists an ex CIA operative to help him intervene in imminent crimes deemed irrelevant by law enforcement.


what we did

We took the viewer into the mind of the all-seeing machine – a maze of surveillance footage and personal data, creating a graphical system that “reacted” to the footage in order to show the machine’s ability to learn.



  • director: miguel lee
  • producers: chris quilty, melissa johnson
  • designers: ash thorp, miguel lee, aj bae, lisa chen
  • animators: ryan summers, wesley kandel, miguel lee, aj bae, garrett quon, mark feldman
  • editor: keith roberts
  • logo design: william hastings
  • coordinators: joseph abou-sakher, ryan speers, dominick guglielmo