Main Title for Apple TV+

Imagine a dystopian future where humans no longer have eyesight. That is the premise of SEE– and the starting point of our main title design. We worked closely with the show’s blindness consultant to create the aesthetic and sound design behind the sequence, delving into a dimension beyond sight.


what we did

This title sequence was a technical dance, created in X-Particles within Cinema 4D, rendered out in Octane, and then brought into After Effects. We created a visual language drawing inspiration from ropes, walking canes, and echo-locating clicks.




  • creative director: karin fong
  • senior producer: steve garfinkel
  • designers: isabell hacker, brandon savoy
  • lead animator: austin marola
  • animators/compositors: kiyoon nam, merrill hall, brandon savoy, james gardner
  • editor: lexi gunvaldson
  • character animation: meng-yang lu
  • design intern: anissa rodriguez
  • sound design: trevor gates
  • music: formosa group
  • additional editor: zach kilroy
  • additional designs: jake ferguson, emrah gonulkirmaz, curry tian
  • additional editing & color: lin wilde
  • head of production: franceska bucci