Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies

Main Title for Paramount+
To act cool, look cool and be cool you oughta be learning from the Pink Ladies. We traveled to Rydell High 1954, four years prior to the setting of the culture-shifting film Grease to create a main title for the prequel series, Rise of the Pink Ladies.


what we did

With 50s T-bird jackets as our reference, we created a stop-motion inspired, high energy design that puts the Pink Ladies in the spotlight. Paying homage to the original, we tied in Grease nostalgia with animated birds, a classic ride and a spunky remixed tune of the original. Be sure to flashback to the 50s in Rise of the Pink Ladies streaming now on Paramount+.


  • creative directors: karin fong, kathy liang
  • designers: kathy liang, anna chen
  • editor: lexi gunvaldson
  • animator: scott bell, anna chen
  • design intern: soo lee
  • senior producer: renee robson
  • coordinator: jake fritz