HBO "Stories Like No Other"

Brand Campaign for HBO
We reveal a new perspective of the iconic HBO ‘Static’ and take the audience on a journey that’s both fresh and familiar.


what we did

Unchanged since 1993, it was important to look at HBO’s static from many angles, including from within. For this campaign we brought the 3D world that already lives inside the white noise to the forefront.


and then... 

The campaign’s visual language can be seen across social, streaming, broadcast and in-app.


  • creative director: jeremy cox
  • producer: lisa muñoz
  • designers: griffin frazen, max strizich, henry chang, ann kreutzkamp
  • lead animator: austin marola
  • animators: henry chang, nathan goodell, dan fine, isaac taracks, nick woythaler, frankie principe
  • compositor: chris west
  • editor: rachel ambelang
  • design intern: adam doyle
  • coordinator: meredith engstrom
  • head of production: aleen kim
  • executive producer: jon hassell