Hell on Wheels

Main title for AMC
A former Confederate soldier’s journey to avenge the death of his wife becomes entwined with the construction of the transcontinental railroad. The show provides an up-close view of the mobile encampments along the rail, infamously dubbed “Hell on Wheels.” We took a photographic approach that focuses on a trail of flames representing the carnage left across the American West.


what we did

Our team traveled to Calgary to capture an accurate silhouette of lead actor Anson Mount, while Art Director Jeremy Cox captured bonfires in Vermont to be composited into the sequence. The dynamic result depicts the violent ends of both the railroad and Cullen’s revenge-driven journey.



  • creative director: mark gardner

  • producer: aleen kim

  • art director: jeremy cox

  • designers: theo daley, jeremy cox, joey salim, will huang

  • compositors: jeremy cox, daniel pernikoff

  • editor: caleb woods

  • coordinator: kacie barton

  • assistant - element shoot: zachary stephens

  • stand-in - element shoot: nathaniel cox

  • executive producer: gabriel marquez