Main Title for Hulu
How do you introduce one of the most admired and vilified women in the world? You tap into filmmaker Nanette Burstein’s vast archive of personal and press photos, stack them in chronological order, and let them play!


what we did

With much of Hillary Clinton’s life spent in the political spotlight, we featured photos that provide a more dynamic portrayal of her true life. Flipping through archival photos we see Hillary as student, leader, mother, wife, senator, and of course, as presidential candidate. A few famous photobombs are sprinkled in for good measure.



  • creative directors: karin fong & harshit desai
  • producer: jared libitsky
  • animators: james gardner, rob slychuk
  • editor: lin wilde
  • coordinator: nicole gutzmann
  • head of production: melody alexander
  • executive producer: wandie kabule