iMac Pro

Artist Film by Michelle Dougherty for Apple
Apple came with one ask: create a short film representing the concept of “power” for their launch campaign of the new iMac Pro.


what we did

Michelle Dougherty filmed dancers and blended choreographed graphic elements to express her vision of ‘power’: the opportunity to move, choose, and create what we want, where we want – either physically and spiritually. This universal desire takes form with the help of a great Flavian Berger tune.


  • director: michelle dougherty
  • producer: rachel cohn
  • designer: michelle dougherty
  • animators: cassandra krul, evan sexton, lindsay bohn
  • compositors: cassandra krul, evan sexton, lindsay bohn
  • editors: lexi gunvaldson, danielle white
  • director of photography: dan kanes
  • animation intern: spencer foster
  • music: flavien berger "la fête noire"
  • sound design and mix: apple music
  • head of production: franceska bucci