Brand Campaign for IMAX
Think big…like flying saucer BIG! Jordan Peele takes on his most ambitious project to date in a new mysterious adventure that’ll have you too, saying “Nope”. We partnered with IMAX to create a poster and motion design for its debut that pays homage to horror.

what we did

Inflatable arm-flailing tube figures dance under an ominous cloud in our motion design for Peele’s Nope movie. Balancing stillness and movement, we played off of the themes of the film by incorporating character and plot elements. The reflective nature of the IMAX logo offers a lens into Peele's ominous world, as a horse disappears into the distance. Scored to the drowning humming sound and chilling cricket noises, we captured the calm before the chaos that is the unidentified terror of the town.


  • creative director: anthony gibbs
  • designers: jake ferguson, scott bell
  • editor/sound design: danielle white
  • 3d animator: scott bell
  • producer: renee robson
  • coordinator: jackson kerr