IMAX Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom

Brand Partnership Campaign for IMAX
A new kingdom calls for a deep dive into our IMAX campaign for Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom where only fate will tell if Aquaman’s trident still triumphs.


what we did

Turbulent waves crash into the ice glacier-formed IMAX logo as daylight breaks through what could be a life-threatening storm. With the resurgence of Black Mantis in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, we immersed the IMAX trademark into the world of Atlantis with the hope that the sunken city will rise again. Merging 3D compositing with AI play for the cloud’s texture, we found a balance of digital and traditional techniques, achieving a natural oceanic environment. 


  • creative director: anthony gibbs
  • lead designer: jake ferguson
  • designer: kenneth robin, pedro murteira
  • producer: jackson kerr
  • coordinator: steven frech
  • head of production: renee robson