IMAX Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

Brand Partnership Campaign for IMAX
Sorcery spins out of control in a whole new dimension as Marvel’s beloved spell caster makes his return in IMAX for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. We created a theater placement that reflects the consequences of chaotic spells that lead to unforeseen realities.


what we did

Mirroring the dark magic of the multiverse, we created the ultimate environment of a world that’s being torn apart. We channeled the personality of the film by immersing the audience in the IMAX experience, without even showing Dr. Strange himself. Our team of sorcerers incorporated 3D Houdini design elements into the levitating and intricately textured IMAX logo, resembling Strange’s temple. Designed in a way that’s easily transferable to various formats, we stylized the letters to reflect the behavioral effects seen in the movie. With mystical turbulence as the backdrop, the IMAX logo shatters the pane of our reality taking on many personas of the multiverse gone mad.


  • creative director: anthony gibbs
  • designers: jake ferguson, pedro murteira
  • cg artist: scott bell
  • cg artist support: anna chen
  • design support: christoph gabathuler
  • senior producer: renee robson
  • coordinator: jackson kerr
  • head of production: ryan burcham