IMAX Dune 2

Brand Partnership Campaign for IMAX
Temperatures are rising with the anticipated release of IMAX Dune: Part Two! The classic science-fiction novel returns to the big screen and we created the theatre placement for its epic debut.

what we did

With even richer tones, more sand erosion, and an ambiguous glowing light symbolizing hope for a new world, we merged mystery and magic to elevate the excitement for an experience that’ll have viewers blown away. Ditching the concept of depicting the characters within the design, we heated things up with a weighted IMAX logo in the desert. We used 3D traditional matte painting and Houdini particle effects to create a static image while conveying movement and depth.


  • creative director: anthony gibbs
  • designers: josh childers, marco iozzi, scott bell
  • lead 3d designer: scott bell
  • producer: jackson kerr
  • senior coordinator: steven frech