Lexus "Intensity"

Commercial for DentsuBos
For the ‘Intensity’ campaign we captured the heightened sensory experience of driving the Lexus IS. Through a series of evocative images intercut with the vehicle in perpetual motion, viewer is thrusted into the driver’s imagination where they can experience the thrill of the drive.

what we did

Our team generated an elevated sense of adrenaline and excitement by combining live-action shots, stock footage, illustration, and 3D animation.



  • creative directors: karin fong & michelle dougherty

  • producer: keith bryant

  • designer: rob bolick

  • animators: mike cahill, eric demeusy, hunter thompson, kimberly im

  • editor: danielle white

  • illustrator: pete mcdonald

  • inferno artists: rod basham, phil man

  • coordinators: joseph abou-sakher, ryan speers

  • executive producer: ben apley