Little Fires Everywhere

Main Title for Hulu
The main title sequence for Little Fires Everywhere depicts just what the name describes, little fires everywhere. We created a ballet of burning objects, tumbling, floating, and falling through the dark.

what we did

Using high-speed camera technology, we captured flames as they engulfed various objects from the show including bespoke props, key wardrobe pieces and finally a model cardboard house. The result was a cinematic sequence that speaks to the underlying motifs and major plot points without giving away the show’s secrets.




  • director: karin fong
  • producer: renee robson
  • director of photography: jr kraus
  • designers: katherine liang, isabell hacker
  • editor: lexi gunvaldson
  • flame artist: rod basham
  • line producer: evan jones
  • coordinators: jackson kerr, nicole gutzmann, max linnett
  • head of production: melody alexander
  • executive producer: wandie kabule