Emmy-winning Main Title for WGN
Architectural plans and technical diagrams served as an unlikely source of inspiration in this award-winning opening. We gained access to original archives from the Manhattan Project during our research phase. It also helped that our lead designer had a degree in Architecture! The resulting sequence is careful and understated, speaking to a world of secrets barely hidden beneath the mundane details of everyday life.



what we did

Instead of modeling 3D characters to form the logo in the final moments, we did some fun and tricky R&D in our own Manhattan studio. Filming extras on the sidewalk out our 5th floor window served as the perfect combination of natural and random. Our producer even doubled as hand model to crack some eggs on camera.


and then...

We shot a campaign in New Mexico for the second season of the hit series and created key art, promotional videos & a virtual billboard for NYC’s Herald Square. A shattering series of images explores both the lives of the main characters and the creation of the first atomic bomb.




  • creative director: dan gregoras
  • producer: jon hassell
  • art director: jeremy cox
  • designer: griffin frazen
  • animator: sekani solomon
  • editor: karl amdal
  • cel animation: peter ahern
  • additional designs: audrey davis, tim haldeen
  • executive producer: gabriel marquez