Trials of Gabriel Fernandez

Main Title for Netflix
Given the nature of Gabriel’s story, we needed to be careful not to sensationalize the graphic details surrounding his circumstances. In collaboration with Director Brian Knappenberger’s team at Luminant Media, we solved this challenge with a visual treatment that immortalized Gabriel’s spirit and honored his life.

what we did

Light and shadows sweep over symbols of Los Angeles’s governmental agencies, depicting Gabriel’s silhouette looming over the various institutions that ultimately failed to protect him. The title sequence juxtaposes the dark nature of the case with light, representing the hope that sharing his story may prevent it from happening again.


  • creative director: karin fong
  • designers/animators: brandon savoy, kiyoon nam, merrill hall
  • editor: lexi gunvaldson
  • colorist: lin wilde
  • design research and photography: isabell hacker
  • coordinator: alex desanto
  • senior producer: lauren hanson
  • head of production: franceska bucci
  • executive producer: jon hassell