Magic: The Gathering

Game Trailer for Wizards of the Coast
An iconic card game since the ’90s, Magic: The Gathering has launched the newest major set called ‘Streets of New Capenna’. This fantasy role-playing game takes place in a 1920’s style Art Deco world, filled with glitz and glamor–where morals are optional as five rival gang families fight to take control of the city.

In a town where Halo runs through the streets, and the families fight for control of the substance, choosing your family alliance means business. Anyone can make it to the top, with a little help from your family! Will it be the spymasters of The Obscura? The Maestros with their vampiric eye for finer things? Maybe the fabulous partiers of The Cabaretti? 

what we did

Stylistically, the look and lighting embrace a film noir essence. The striking mob boss characters are illustrated in different styles, so we constructed unique scenarios for each boss to showcase their strengths while bringing them into the 3D world and creating dimensionality to the story. By building this immersive world through CG, every scene creatively depicts the uniqueness of this card set’s storyline.


  • creative director: tosh kodama
  • cg lead: jacques clement
  • modelers: alvaro zabala, fynn grosse-bley
  • 3d design/animation: alex rupert, christoph gabathuler,
    dave weinstock, filipe carvalho, henry chang, herman kim,
    ilya tselyutin, jesse jones, merrill hall, fernando lazzari
  • houdini artist: alec iselin, timur salikov, alejandro robledo, matt johnson
  • editor: lexi gunvaldson
  • producer: nicky maser
  • assistant editor: pat silvola
  • copywriter: josh chesler
  • storyboards: gordan kljucec
  • music: antfood
  • head of production: ryan burcham
  • coordinator: spencer ruehl