Project Athia

For Playstation’s live “The Future of Gaming” event, we created a teaser for Project Athia (working title), the debut game from Luminous Productions. Over 7M people streamed the reveal of the PS5 and the new games coming to the platform. Project Athia is a beautifully designed, fully imagined journey set to provide players with a fresh gaming experience.


what we did.

Working closely with Luminous Productions on the script and concept for the teaser, we gave fans just enough to pull them into the world while still keeping them guessing. The teaser is a peak into the game’s breathtaking visuals, following the heroine’s extraordinary adventures across a vast and mysterious fantasy world.



  • creative director: tosh kodama
  • producer: ryan burcham
  • animator: nicole dileo
  • editor: zach kilroy
  • coordinator: will tyler
  • head of production: melody alexander