MPAA "I Make Movies"

Campaign for the Motion Pictures Association of America
The Motion Picture Association, after facing a significant threat in the form of copyright law review in the digital age, created a reputational campaign targeting key audiences ahead of upcoming legislative debates.


what we did.

Research showed our audience didn't think illegal downloading adversely impacted the bottom line of the wealthy conglomerates who owned the film studios. Since an anti-piracy approach would have been ill received, we highlighted the stories of the thousands of craftspeople behind movie and tv show productions whose livelihoods depend on the success of the entertainment industry... and the ‘I Make Movies’ mini docu-series was born. We also designed a site to make it easier for people to find what they want to watch without having to resort to piracy:


and then...

The campaign went global, expanding to Canada and parts of Europe.


  • creative director: tosh kodama
  • director: grant lau
  • producer: jj gerber
  • designers: tosh kodama, john kim, kris fortin, federico aragon
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  • animators: john kim, wes yang
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  • coordinators: nicole zschiesche, dominick guglielmo, joseph abou-sakher, ryan speers
  • design interns: lisa chen, hannah kim
  • narrator: lake bell
  • copywriter: kyle barron-cohen, bruce jacobson, james kitchens, josh chesler, kincaid jones, patrick kirkland
  • line producer: adam lawson
  • executive creative director: peter frankfurt
  • head of production: claudina mercado
  • executive producer: chip houghton, ben apley