Netflix Spectrum

"Spectrum" Interactive Campaign for Droga 5
“Spectrum” set the tone for Netflix Australia’s programming as an interactive promo sequence that ranges from the darkest end of the spectrum to the lightest. The video introduced the “find your story” online experience that allowed viewers to select their own journey.

what we did

Our team shaped the surreal world that introduces the video, exploring the evolving abstract landscapes. The goal was to create something that felt both organic and digital, mimicking the division between the Light and Dark paths.



  • creative directors: charles khoury & tosh kodama
  • producer: jj gerber
  • designer: charles khoury
  • animators: thomas mcmahan, charles khoury, randy cano, dan meehan, kris fortin
  • editors: michael radtke, keith roberts
  • elements photographer: dan kanes
  • coordinator: dominick guglielmo
  • head of production: claudina mercado
  • executive producer: ben apley