Pepsi Super Bowl 2020

Super Bowl LIV Pepsi Halftime Show Intro
PepsiCo’s Creators League Studio asked us to help introduce one of the largest live events of the year, the Super Bowl LIV Halftime Show. The intro had to accentuate the rich Latin culture, vibrant colors and musical energy of host city, Miami. The catch, we only had 10 seconds.


what we did

We filmed real musicians in front of a green screen and then matched their movement to a 3D layer of effervescent ‘fizz’ using dynamics simulation. We wanted the audience to travel through the concert inside a glass of Pepsi, bringing them to the main act, Jennifer Lopez and Shakira.



  • creative director: izik roitman
  • producer: ryan burcham
  • designers: jesse jones, ivan cruz, izik roitman
  • animators: jesse jones, ivan cruz
  • compositors: jason forster, eric almeras
  • editor: gene ivery
  • flame artist: tim miller
  • coordinator: jackson kerr
  • head of production: melody alexander