ORAL-B "Black"

The future of toothbrushes for Publicis
A sleek, seductive look usually reserved for luxury items was developed to showcase Oral-B’s most advanced toothbrush. Closeups, smooth lines, and a photoreal approach highlight the sophisticated design and technology behind this product.

what we did

Director Ronnie Koff approached the lighting and camera for this commercial the same way he does when shooting a luxury automobile on stage. The only difference: this Oral-B spot was created entirely in CG.


  • director: ronnie koff
  • producers: keith bryant, jake hibler
  • modeler: aamir karim
  • cg supervisor: jose ortiz
  • editors: joe denk, danielle white
  • flame artist: rod basham
  • inferno artist: eric mason
  • storyboard artist: bernard custodio
  • coordinators: ryan speers, joseph abou-sakher
  • executive producer: anita olan