“Every whir and click of the microfilm reader widens the web, as the line between conspiracy theorist and intelligence analyst is blurred in Imaginary Forces’ title sequence for AMC’s Rubicon.” – Art of the Title

what we did.

Infrastructure, intelligence, pattern recognition, mystery, urgency — these were the words that led the winning pitch for Rubicon. We started with the idea of being in the character’s head, entering the story through the physicality of information: moving diagrams, microfiche, redaction, and finally… the iconic yellow line.


  • director: karin fong
  • producer: cara mckenney
  • designers: karin fong, theo daley, jeremy cox
  • animators: jeremy cox, andrew chung, j.j. johnstone
  • editors: jordan podos, caleb woods, adam spreng
  • design assistants: daniel farah, leo marthaler
  • coordinator: emily nelson
  • executive producer: anita olan