Animated Shorts and Digital Platform to Inform Voters
As a founding partner of SeePolitical, a 501c3 nonprofit, our goal was to provide voters with simple, unbiased explanations of state ballots. Short, entertaining videos make complex issues easy to understand as you exercise your right to vote.


what we did

Working with SeePolitical founder Nate Kaplan for two election cycles, we guided students from OTIS College of Art and Design and USC through the process of understanding State propositions, creating explanation videos, and finding the most effective ways to reach voters.


and then...

The animated series was distributed in 5 languages on traditional and digital platforms, with an emphasis of reaching underserved communities. In total, the videos were viewed by approximately 6 million people as they headed to the voting booths.


  • creative director: michelle dougherty
  • producers: brian butcher, franceska bucci
  • designers: brian won, kris fortin, nicole choi, lisa chen, peggy oei, juan monasterio
  • junior designer: wes yang
  • animators: miguel lee, jeff jankens, ryan summers, thomas horne,
    andrew dowis, andrew parris, dan meehan
  • editors: michael radtke, gladys bernadac, zach kilroy
  • photographer: ryan speers
  • vo recorder: eric mason
  • design interns: jay kim, randy cano
  • design consultant: miguel lee
  • coordinators: nicole zschiesche, dominick guglielmo, ryan speers
  • head of production: claudina mercado
  • executive producer: ben apley